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This list was originally a reaction to how Mastodon decides to keep using a centralised instance list that promotes bigots and doesn't include spaces for its significant furry and queer communities. It's still not great, but that's alright, we don't need them.

This is kind of a work-in-progress, I just made this over the course of an evening. I would like to make it more interactive and easier to sift through, but I hope it's a start and something you can share with your friends who want to find a good Mastodon instance but aren't sure where those good places are.

Shout out to all the admins on this list and generally out there who are committed to creating great communities ✌️

(I'm Dzuk btw ^∆∆^)

Please note: In October 2018, Dzuk retired from maintaining the list, and passed the ownership and responsibility over to kiilas.