Are you interested in joining Mastodon but don't know where the cool instances are? This list is just for you. All of these places are nice and pleasant and don't tolerate bigots and other crappy stuff.

This is by no means absolutely all of them that exist, just places I've discovered and what admins have submitted to me.


The List

Here they are! 18+ instances are in a separate list at the bottom.

libertarian socialism, anarchism, queer, trans, activism
tech, humor
Mastodon instance focused on diversity.
catgirl, trans, queer, pleroma
A pleroma instance.
LGBTQIA+, tech
tech, cyber, hacking
By and for the chaos community (ie. the Chaos Computer Club).
Normal registrations are closed, but you can still request an account via email if you like.
queer, LGBTQIA+, português
An LGBTQIA+/queer instance primarily for portugese speakers (but speakers of other languages are welcome too!).
A friendly home in the Fediverse for creators and lovers of comics and narrative art of all sorts.
Contact @CampCounselor@ComicsCamp.Club for an invite.
queer, furry
Mastodon instance that aims to be as queer, friendly and furry as possible. We welcome all kinds of computer fairies!
dharma, buddhism, yoga, advaita, hinduism, tantra, tao
For the Dharma community, including (but not limited to) all forms of Buddhism, Yoga, Advaita, Hinduism, Tantra, Tao and related spiritualities, and contemporary forms of Dharma philosophy and practice.
tabletop, games, rpg
DJ, music
An instance for DJs.
pokémon, games, art
An instance for Pokémon fans.
dragons, furry, scalie
For dragons and dragon fans.
Pleroma instance for lesbians.
anarchism, feminism, français, queer
games, video games, tabletop, rpg, game dev
For players and developers of any kind of game (video games, tabletop, etc.)
An instance where posts will be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time. Not recommended for your main instance.
By trans, for trans.
You need to use a special form to request an account.
movies, film
You will need to contact the admin via Mastodon to get an account.
LGBTQIA+, queer
awoo, λ, pleroma
brazil, português
A Brazilian instance.
jewish, anticapitalism, politics
occult, witchcraft, spirituality
An instance for people who are interested in witchcraft, spirituality, shamanism, occult, woo, etc.
queer, trans, LGBTQIA+, français
An instance for photographers.
An instance for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets.
languages, multilingualism
For multilingual people/polyglots and those interested in languages, language learning and/or translating.
role playing
An instance made by roleplayers, for roleplayers!
LGBTQIA+, queer
local, virginia
Toots from Richmond, VA and around the world. Stick around for good vibes.
scalie, furry
science fiction, books
A general space with monthly book clubs.
academia, scholars
For scholars and people involved in academia.
For players and fans of the EA/Maxis Sims series of video games.
A cooperative-run space for people in the cooperative movement.
social justice, activism, LGBTQIA+
For social justice activists, LGBTQIA+, and people who are aware of/care about such subjects.
game dev, gaming, LARP, RPG, tabletop
For the tabletop gaming community as a whole - players, makers, reviewers, hobbyists and more.
progressive, politics
An instance for people with progressive politics of all kinds.
For people who love cats.
A Slovenian instance.
A queer and kink friendly general instance.
science fiction
A Star Trek themed instance.
foxes, furries
queer+, witch


For people aged 18 or over only.

For the kink community.
For monsters and monster fans, specifically 18+.
For specific kinds of kinks, like macro, micro, hyper, muscle, inflation, expansion, and similar.
LGBTQIA+, queer, trans, furry
The instance is mainly invite-only, although people who want to join without an invite can fill in a form on the landing page.

Invite Only

You need to know someone who is already in the instance to invite you.

furries, scalies
cyber, tech, queer, furry,
You can get an account by invite or by donating to it's Patreon.
An experimental instance for testing out new modifications to Mastodon. Not guaranteed to be stable.
Contact the admin for an invite.
literature, books, reading, writing, publishing
Eine Mastodon Instanz für Autor*innen und Literaturmenschen vornehmlich aus dem deutschsprachigen Bereich - aber nicht nur.
gaming, tabletop, magic the gathering
An inclusive community for fans and players of Magic: The Gathering.


Places that are just for bots.